I recently spent a week in Long Beach, California, working with our newest solution partner Laserfiche, to catch up on their technologies and marketing efforts as we enhance our ability to provide best in class Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to our clients. On top of the lovely weather – even their “June Gloom” is somehow better than the wet Eastern spring we’ve had – it’s been an educational experience to get an inside look at a successful company and see how they make it happen.

I have written in a recent post about how it can be a struggle for best of breed application authors to resist migrating into BLOBs – big, heavy, overdone apps – over time. Many software authors have an insatiable appetite to add “features” or to merge and acquire other firms, creating monsters that end up controlling them…rather than leading the industry with ever more elegant and simple ways to improve productivity. It is a very different paradigm, and quite an art.

I didn’t believe Laserfiche to be caught in the BLOB, and after a few days working with their VPs, channel managers, and pre-sales engineers, they have proven that I was right. After 22 illustrious years of product development, they’ve managed to simplify and streamline over time, even while adding new functionality to create what they are proud to call a “simple and elegant” document management solution.

I would agree with that statement and believe strongly that it also applies to Intellera in our own way. As value added integrators, we strive to work with best of breed partners that understand who they are, where they fit, and how we can make their solutions part of an organization’s core business to solve business challenges.

Our clients are normally picky about who they choose to work with. This is natural – they want to buy the best possible solutions for an investment that they can justify. Their selection process can be grueling for all involved because it needs to incorporate what their business requires, the associated benefits, the investigation of all potential candidates, the available technology platforms…and then they need to sell it internally by corralling and cajoling influencers and decision makers, putting together business cases and capital requests…a major effort indeed.

If they seem picky, then we would appear downright persnickety! Much is riding on our partner relationship decisions – namely, the continued trust of our clients – but we’re proud of the fact that by knowing ourselves and our clients so well and by understanding their particular needs and the marketplace in general, we will make the best alliances. After spending a week at Laserfiche, I am confident that this partnership is going to be a great fit.

When I was younger I used to believe that I needed to work on my weaknesses in order to improve myself. Being a couple of years older now (LOL) I have flipped it around and instead now focus on enhancing my strengths. It’s a lot more fun and productive! The lesson is: To each his own strengths. And that’s what we’re doing at Intellera – creating unique solutions by integrating best in class software with coaching and consulting to solve business challenges. We’re pleased to welcome Laserfiche to the fold and look forward to a strong and successful relationship.